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NPO, breek met EBU tot na hervorming en vertrouwen hersteld is

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Due to a lack of transparency, double standards, previous scandals, lack of participation and the disqualification of Joost Klein, we call on the NPO to sever its cooperation ties with the EBU and cancel the remaining scheduled broadcasts until the EBU is reformed.



residents of the Netherlands and thus the payer of the NPO


establish that:

  • Double standards are applied when it comes to country participation
  • There is a lack of transparency surrounding the Joost Klein incident
  • Joost Klein has no opportunity to appeal the decision
  • The Eurovision Song Contest, against its own rules, has become political


and request

The Dutch public broadcaster to sever all ties with the EBU, cancel and not broadcast the scheduled remaining broadcasts. Even if this leads to further exclusion from participation for the Netherlands.

We call on the NPO to make a strong statement to show that the EBU's policy and conduct does not fit within our Dutch democratic values.

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